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Author agreements can be a complicated matter. There may be many different authors and titles in the same agreement. To calculate royalties according to author types, sales channels, price groups, price groups, and price types is no easy task. How can we make this process easier?

Schilling's Royalty solution can help!


Schilling Royalty includes predefined agreement templates that guide you through the many different sales channels, price groups, price types, and royalty rates.


Schilling Royalty is designed to handle all the different author types and the rules that apply to each one. This also includes tax rates that may vary for authors and heirs and from country to country.


You can download our product sheet and read more about Schilling Royalty:

Download product sheet about Schilling Royalty


Schilling Royalty is just one of our many solutions. You can read more about Schilling Rights, the Schilling Author Portal, our finance management solution, and many other Schilling solutions by clicking here:

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If this sounds interesting, or if you still think it is all a bit overwhelming, you can contact us via this link:

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