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Author and Publisher relations

How publishers stay competitive in digital publishing

With recent developments and trends in the publishing industry, the position of publishers is under pressure. Authors turn into self-publishers, retailers become publishers, agents publish backlists, and price levels and classic business models are under threat.


With this in mind, Schilling’s second white paper study goes deeper into the subject of author relationships. Our goal is to learn from publishers and authors how to create the best possible relationships between them and how publishers should act to retain their competitiveness as the best suitable business partner for authors.
We hope that our conclusions in this white paper will inspire publishers and authors alike to better exploit the digital opportunities and will help reunite authors and publishers in a common mission to deliver interesting content easily, in practical ways, and in formats readers want. We will go through the challenges pointed to by the respondents within the individual elements in the value chain. We also hope that this white paper will give you an overview of how significant players in the industry look at the impact of digital publications and that it will inspire authors and publishers to find new ways of working together in the future.


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