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We regularly publish articles or white papers about topics of interest to our customers – articles that challenge the publishing industry. We do so because we would like to share our experience and knowledge and because we hope to inspire our customers and our network.


Top 10 Trends and Challenges in Publishing 2016

Many new trends and challenges are emerging in the publishing industry and we would like to share the most important viewpoints with you and all our other colleagues around the world. To that end we have put together the most important trends in our new publication: Top 10 Trends and Challenges in Publishing 2016, inspired by our annual Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting. 


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Where would you place your bet?

Our ambition with our new white paper is to collect optimistic dreams and ideas about opportunities in publishing. If you could follow your dreams, what would you do and how would your company look? We revealed our findings at the CONTEC Frankfurt conference on 7 October 2014 with great success in a panel discussion.


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Educational publishers of the future

In this white paper we will take a closer look on the educational publishers. The purpose is to identify and analyse trends, problems, and opportunities in the part of the publishing industry that deals with educational resources aimed at children and young people.


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Author and publisher relations

Schilling has interviewed a range of publishers and authors in Europe and North America who have given us their thoughts on where in the value chain they see opportunities and challenges in a market that is becoming more digitised every day, and on how the two groups should collaborate in the future.

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