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Schilling’s white paper is about all the opportunities in publishing and why we believe publishing has a future. This year our ambition is to collect all the optimistic dreams and ideas we can and share them with the industry.

Far too often we hear that publishing is doomed and that the industry will soon fade away. If you believe everything you read, it seems the apocalypse of publishing is nigh! However, the long list of new companies and start-ups in the industry – some of them (still) small and some already large established companies with a global reach – clearly indicates that not everyone believes the bleak prophecies. We are sure that neither do you!

Kobo decided to invest in hardware and distribution, German dotbooks went for curating and content, Goodreads focused on social media marketing, Code Mantra covers the full value chain – there is an endless list of new companies, each with their own individual idea about what to invest in. One thing they have in common is that they all invested in publishing because they believe the industry has a future. Another thing they have in common is that their decisions about what to invest in were made regardless of history, customs, and traditions.

Like any other company in this world you, as a recognised publisher, are probably affected by your history, customs, traditions and obligations when you make decisions about investments. History may be an asset for your company but it can also be an obstacle. What we would like you to do is dream a little. Imagine that you were asked to invest in publishing – with no obligations whatsoever on your current business and the limitations it has – and then tell us where and how you would invest your money. Would you go into distribution and sales? Would you go into content and curating? Would you establish a tech company to automate production? Or something else? What would you do and how would your company look?


White paper launch at CONTEC Frankfurt

We revealed our findings at the CONTEC Frankfurt conference on 7 October 2014 with great success in a panel discussion. Read about the panel here.


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