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Video: Interviews with speakers from
Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting 2011


Nyree Belleville, Independent author

Hear Nyree Belleville share her story, experiences and ideas about the new world of digital books and self-publishing.




Anna Lewis & Oliver Brooks, Founders of Valobox

Valobox of London, represented by its two founders, Anna Lewis and Oliver Brooks, share with us the concept and features of their new service that offers a pay-as-you-read service, which in particular supports educational, academic, and non-fiction publishers.


Pete Downton, Director of Connected Services at Imagination Technologies

Hear Pete talk about his strategic experience and perspectives on the revolution the music industry went through - where to put your efforts and when to let go.


Andrew Rhomberg, CEO and founder of Jellybooks UK 

Hear Andrew Rhomberg, CEO and founder of Jellybooks UK, explain how Jellybooks is preparing to offer e-books to readers all over the world in a new Groupon way.




Justo Hidalgo, Co-founder of 24symbols 

Justo Hidalgo, Co-founder of Spain-based 24symbols, explains the thoughts behind one of the worlds' first cloud-based subscription models for books.




Mark Coker, CEO and founder of Smashwords

Mark Coker, CEO and founder of California-based Smashwords, one of the most talked about and very interesting initiatives that challenges the traditional ways of publishing, talks about the philosophy and business model behind his company.




Henrik Theilbjørn, Board executive and investor 

Henrik Theilbjørn is deeply involved in the fashion industry where trendsetters dictate quarterly renewal of the product portfolio and where the consumer preferences are constantly changing. Hear about the business processes and workflows that improve the odds when you decide on the next season's fashion design.


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