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Strengthen your network and influence the development of Schilling Publishing

The purpose of Schilling's boards of experts is to create an exchange of experience among publishing professionals. You can use the boards to get practical sparring and get the latest news about industry standards. You will also have the opportunity to discuss the new trends and system solutions. Above all, the meetings are a source of inspiration that you will benefit from greatly in your daily work.


Current topics will be discussed among the members of the individual board of experts. It may be topics that the individual members find relevant and have asked to discuss, or topics that the chairperson or Schilling thinks are of interest within the scope of the board of experts.


Read more about the individual boards of experts here:

Advantages in participating in Schilling's board of experts
  • The board meets for 1-2 days at least twice a year. 
  • A limited number of members. 
  • Open discussion which creates enthusiasm, commitment, and more knowledge. 
  • Presentation of relevant material that illustrates trade-specific topics or current trends. 
  • Practical sparring, exchange of experience, solution modules, and inspiration. 
  • A specialist from Schilling is associated with each board of experts. 
  • A chairperson is appointed for each board of experts. Schilling provides administrative services that take notes and coordinate meeting invitations. 
  • Schilling covers any expenses for board and lodging. 


To ensure the best results from the work of the board of experts, all members must be committed to be actively involved before and during the meetings so that members may benefit from each other in connection with any problems or issues.



As we would like the board of experts to be as constructive and specific as possible, a high level of confidentiality during and between the meetings is required.


Requirements for future boards of experts

If you have any ideas or requirements for future boards of experts within other areas or topics, we would very much like to hear about it.


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