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Upcoming white paper: Future-proofing the educational publishing industry

How to cope with global revenue pressure?

It's time for a new white paper! For the fifth time Schilling shall publish a white paper with focus on what is happening in the publishing industry. We are therefore looking for key persons from educational publishers and industry drivers to give us their views on the trends and opportunities in the publishing industry in an interview for our upcoming white paper.


In the past few years the publishing industry has experienced an ever increasing pressure for revenue growth - indeed, it is proving difficult just to maintain status quo. At the same time new business models and sales channels call for further investments. Increasing investments while under heavy pressure of saving costs must necessarily lead to a larger focus on improving operations and on better exploiting core competences. And most importantly, if the publishing industry is to increase its revenue from main assests, the ability to utilise acquires rights on all markets is paramount.


So how should the publishing industry balance its need for increased investsments, optimised cost structure, being sharp on competences, and the need to exploit synergies on rights on different markets?


In our new white paper we shall try to unearth ways of future-proofing publishing businesses and how to adapt digitisation not just to products and services but also to an entire organisation and its processes.


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Contact information: 

Paul Phillipe Péronard

Principal Consultant 

+45 31 52 48 24


Henrik Pihl

Director Sales & Account Manager

+45 31 75 78 35




Schilling's first white paper was published in 2011, titled "European Publishing Towards 2015", in which 18 executives from European publishing companies were interviewed about the challenges in the book industry in the coming years. Our most recent white paper "Where would you place your bet?" From 2014 was about all the opportunites in publishing and why we believe publishing has a future. Our ambition was to collect all the optimistic dreams and ideas we could and share them with the industry. The result was revealed at last year's Frankfurt Book Fair in a panel discussion among publishing executives. 

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