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White paper: Educational publishers
of the future

What is the potential and what are the challenges?

In the new white paper from Schilling we will take a closer look on the educational publishers. The purpose is to identify and analyse trends, problems, and opportunities in the part of the publishing industry that deals with educational resources aimed at children and young people.
The digital revolution is also changing the educational sector, not least the learning process during the first 12 school years. In times where information flows seamlessly, where the collection and sharing of knowledge is easier and cheaper than ever before, and where the explosive development of new media has triggered a break from learning methods of previous years, the business models of educational publishers are facing a range of new challenges:
· What is the potential?
· What are the challenges?
· What should be sold, how – and to whom?
· Is it digital and print or ”digital only”?
· Which business models will dominate?
· How do market developments affect the internal processes, and what is ”best practice”?
· How do you include users and customers in the value chain of production and development?
· What forces will disrupt the market in the coming years, and what are the consequences?

In this white paper we will investigate these and other questions via interviews with key persons from educational publishers and offer viewpoints on trends and opportunities.


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