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Gain full control of your assets and mitigate the risks

  • Be sure to exploit your full rights potential on domestic and foreign markets.
  • Use best practice agreements and contracts in your company.
  • Protect your assets by mitigating the risk of rights violation.

These are the three most important reasons why you should consider a solution to handle your rights and contracts systematically.



Intellectual properties more complex than ever
Management of intellectual property has become increasingly complex with digitisation and digital publishing – simply because the number of formats has increased along with a variety of new sales channels and different ways to compile your content. To make sure you get the best possible return on investment of your rights, you must have an overview of the rights you have acquired and of how they are exploited.

# Ask yourself: Are you sure that all your rights are being exploited to their full potential on all markets?

A myriad of different contract terms and conditions
There are very few limits in the creativity in contracts and agreements between publishers and content contributors. This has led to a myriad of different terms and conditions that may not always be built on the best business decisions – not to mention the heavy workload put on the shoulders of the royalty administration to handle the varieties and inconsistencies.

# Ask yourself: Would your company benefit from fixed agreements and contract templates that are based on best practice business decisions?

Time to market is crucial
Everything goes faster, time to market is becoming more and more important, and you are always under pressure to decide fast what to publish, when, and where. But your decisions must build on the right information. You need to know if you are entitled to exploit your rights as you plan to.

# Ask yourself: Have you ever considered the consequences of not complying with the agreements you have signed? Are you sure you will be trusted with a set of rights the next time?
Do you recognise the picture?

Most publishers probably recognise at least part of this picture. If you are one of them, you should consider what an integrated contracts, rights and royalty solution can do for your company. Schilling’s solutions allow you to create agreements and contracts that are built on your own standard templates that reflect the way you do business. You can easily get an overview of the rights you have acquired and of how they are exploited – or not yet exploited. Agreements and contracts integrate seamlessly with royalty accounting, providing your authors with transparent royalty statements.


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